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 My CoDeS

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[Member]Airman First Class
[Member]Airman First Class

Posts : 2
Join date : 2009-05-23

PostSubject: My CoDeS   Sat May 23, 2009 11:24 pm

;Patch Version 1.60 No Banning Codes

0x001018E0 0x34050045

#Lobby Boot
0x00000098 0x0A2404FE
0x0056178C 0x00000000

#Spectator Freeze[Error35]
0x00277540 0x0A2408BB

0x00149518 0x0E24078B
0x00561000 0x000000FF

#!!-----Character codes-----

#Extended Life
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C88F4
0x00000620 0x0004FFFF
0x00000624 0x00000002
0x0000062C 0x0004FFFF
0x00000630 0x00000002
0x00000638 0x0004FFFF

#Suicide Yourself
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00505858
0x000009A4 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000009A8 0xFFFFFFFF

#Infinite Health
;One shot kill will kill you
0x004C9628 0x00000000
0x005F0130 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F0308 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F04E0 0xFFFFFFFF

#Flash Jokered To []
;No Error 35/Bann
0x00000024 0x0A32EC00
0x004BB000 0x3C0808D6
0x004BB004 0x3C0909A8
0x004BB008 0x8D2AE1E4
0x004BB00C 0x340B8000
0x004BB010 0x3C0D3F80
0x004BB014 0xAD0DFA2C
0x004BB01C 0x154B0003
0x004BB024 0x3C0D4000
0x004BB028 0xAD0DFA2C
0x004BB02C 0x03E00008

#!!No Scope Recoil
;When shooting your scope stays in place
0x004C889C 0x00000000

#True No Flash Blindness
;You only see the explosion of the Mark 141
0x005F1CCC 0x00000000

#Instant 3rd Party
;Kill your own team mates
0x004C9420 0x00000001

#Third Party Virus
;Turn on when people are greening up
;Kill your own team mates
0x0055A048 0x00000000

#Virus Mode
;Virus Mode
0x0055A048 0x00000001

#!!-----Gun codes-----

#Throw Pmns
0x005FE4E8 0x00000001

#Throw Claymores
0x005FE1D4 0x00000001
0x005FE1D0 0x00000001

#Rapid/Drop Explosives [No 35]
0x005FE4C0 0x00000001
0x005FE4E8 0x00000000
0x005FE1AC 0x00000001
0x005FE1D4 0x00000000
0x005FEB54 0x0000002E
0x005FEE78 0x0000002E

#Rapid/Drop Grenades [No 35]
0x005FD7A8 0x00000001
0x005FD7D0 0x00000000
;Mark 1
0x005FD430 0x00000001
0x005FD458 0x00000000
0x005FD0B8 0x00000001
0x005FD0E0 0x00000000
0x005FC9B4 0x00000001
0x005FC9DC 0x00000000

;Modded by Smokin
0x005f8028 0x42800000
0x005f802c 0x42400000
0x005f8030 0x48a00000
0x005f8034 0x3f900000
0x005f8038 0x3f900000
0x005f803c 0x3feccccd
0x005f818c 0x0005d004
0x005f8194 0x0000007c
0x005f81a4 0x6fff0000
0x005f81a8 0x6fff0000
0x005f81ac 0x6fff0000
0x005f81b0 0x6fff0000

#Anti-Knife Kill
0x0026D280 0x03E00008
0x0026D284 0x00000000

0x005FAF04 0x0000000A

#Super Scope
;Cheat Hz 15/1000
0x004B53B4 0x41C00000
0x004B53BC 0x41C00000
0x00542598 0x41C00000
0x005C9CF8 0x41C00000
0x005C9CFC 0x41C00000
0x013ACEF8 0x41C00000
0x013ACEFC 0x41C00000

#Shoot Through Walls
;You can lock on through walls
;and shoot enemies
0x00118E6C 0x03E00008
0x00118E70 0x00000000

#One Shot Kill
;One bullet and your enemy dies
0x005EE760 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EE938 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EF098 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EF270 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EF448 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EF620 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F0130 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F0308 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F04E0 0xFFFFFFFF

#!!Inf Ammo
;Unlimited ammunition
0x005FB318 0x05580558
0x005FAF30 0x05580558
0x005F9714 0x05580558
0x005F9B1C 0x05580558
0x005F9F28 0x05580558
0x005FA334 0x05580558
0x005FBAD8 0x05580558
0x005FBEB8 0x05580558
0x005FC298 0x05580558
0x005FC674 0x05580558
0x005FEB4C 0x05580558
0x005FEE70 0x05580558
0x005FF194 0x05580558
0x005F8B54 0x05580558
0x005F8694 0x05580558
0x005F818C 0x05580558
0x005F7CCC 0x05580558
0x005F7810 0x05580558
0x005F7350 0x05580558
0x005F6988 0x05580558
0x005F65A4 0x05580558
0x005F619C 0x05580558
0x005F5D6C 0x05580558
0x005F5888 0x05580558
0x005F52A8 0x05580558
0x005F4D34 0x05580558
0x005F4898 0x05580588
0x005F42B8 0x05580558
0x005F3CD8 0x05580558
0x005F371C 0x05580558
0x005F3160 0x05580558
0x005FD820 0x05580558
0x005FD824 0x001409C8
0x005FD828 0x0000001E
0x005F8694 0x05580558
0x005F8698 0x001409C8
0x005F869C 0x0000001E
0x005F86A0 0x00000003
0x00632F14 0x05580558
0x00632F18 0x001409C8
0x00632F1C 0x00000001
0x004982A4 0x447A0000
0x005F76AC 0x42800000
0x005F76B0 0x42400000
0x005F76B4 0x48A00000
0x005F76B8 0x3F900000
0x005F76BC 0x3F900000
0x005F76C0 0x3FECCCCD
0x005F7810 0x0005D004
0x005F7818 0x0000007C
0x005F7828 0x6FFF0000
0x005F782C 0x6FFF0000
0x005F7830 0x6FFF0000
0x005F7834 0x6FFF0000
0x005F6CE4 0x42800000
0x005F6CE8 0x42400000
0x005F6CEC 0x48A00000
0x005F6CF0 0x3F900000
0x005F6CF4 0x3F900000
0x005F6CF8 0x3FECCCCD
0x005F6E90 0x00190005
0x005F6E94 0x03AF002F
0x005F6E98 0x0000007C
0x005F6EA8 0x6FFF0000
0x005F6EAC 0x6FFF0000
0x005F6EB0 0x6FFF0000
0x005F6EB4 0x6FFF0000
0x005F84E8 0x42800000
0x005F84EC 0x42400000
0x005F84F0 0x48A00000
0x005F84F4 0x3F900000
0x005F84F8 0x3F900000
0x005F84FC 0x3FECCCCD
0x005F8694 0x00190005
0x005F8698 0x03AF002F
0x005F869C 0x0000007C
0x005F86AC 0x6FFF0000
0x005F86B0 0x6FFF0000
0x005F86B4 0x6FFF0000
0x005F86B8 0x6FFF0000
0x005FD4A8 0x05580558
0x005FD4AC 0x001409C8
0x005FD4B0 0x0000001E

#Inf Grenades
;Unlimited grenades
0x005FD820 0x05580558
0x005FD824 0x001409C8
0x005FD828 0x0000001E

#Inf Explosives
0x005FF194 0x05580558
0x005FF198 0x001409C8
0x005FF19C 0x00000030
0x005FE224 0x05580558
0x005FE228 0x001409C8
0x005FE22C 0x00000030
;Inf PMN
0x005FE538 0x05580558
0x005FE53C 0x001409C8
0x005FE540 0x00000030
0x005FCA2C 0x05580558
0x005FCA30 0x001409C8
0x005FCA34 0x00000030
;Inf MARK 141
0x005FD4A8 0x05580558
0x005FD4AC 0x001409C8
0x005FD4B0 0x00000030
;Inf M67
0x005FD820 0x05580558
0x005FD824 0x001409C8
0x005FD828 0x00000030
;Inf HE
0x005FD130 0x05580558
0x005FD134 0x001409C8
0x005FD138 0x00000030
0x006322CC 0x05580558
0x006322D0 0x001409C8
0x006322D4 0x00000030
;Inf M680 RAPID
0x006326E0 0x05580558
0x006326E4 0x001409C8
0x006326E8 0x00000030
;Inf M203 HE RAPID
0x00632B00 0x05580558
0x00632B04 0x001409C8
0x00632B08 0x00000030
0x00632F14 0x05580558
0x00632F18 0x001409C8
0x00632F1C 0x00000030
;Inf M8-62
0x00633B48 0x05580558
0x00633B4C 0x001409C8
0x00633B50 0x00000030
;Inf GL 36 RAPID
0x00633324 0x05580558
0x00633328 0x001409C8
0x0063332C 0x00000030
0x00633F88 0x05580558
0x00633F8C 0x001409C8
0x00633F90 0x00000030
0x005FEB4C 0x05580558
0x005FEB50 0x001409C8
0x005FEB54 0x00000030
0x005FEE70 0x05580558
0x005FEE74 0x001409C8
0x005FEE78 0x00000030

#Rapid Fire
;Shoot guns fast
0x005F3164 0x0000000F
0x005F3168 0x0000001E
0x005F3CDC 0x0000000F
0x005F3CE0 0x0000001E
0x005F4D38 0x0000000F
0x005F4D3C 0x0000001E
0x005F52AC 0x0000000F
0x005F52B0 0x0000001E
0x005F6E94 0x0000000F
0x005F6E98 0x0000001E
0x005FC678 0x0000000F
0x005FC67C 0x0000001E
0x005F9B20 0x0000000F
0x005F9B24 0x0000001E
0x005FAB2C 0x0000000F
0x005FAB30 0x0000001E
0x005FAF34 0x0000000F
0x005FAF38 0x0000001E
0x005F9F2C 0x0000000F
0x005F9F30 0x0000001E
0x005FA338 0x0000000F
0x005FA33C 0x0000001E
0x005F7354 0x0000000F
0x005F7358 0x0000001E
0x005FC29C 0x0000000F
0x005FC2A0 0x0000001E
0x005F933C 0x0000000F
0x005F9340 0x0000001E
0x005F3720 0x0000000F
0x005F3724 0x0000001E
0x005F698C 0x0000000F
0x005F6990 0x0000001E
0x005FB31C 0x0000000F
0x005FB320 0x0000001E
0x005FB6FC 0x0000000F
0x005FB700 0x0000001E
0x005F65A8 0x0000000F
0x005F65AC 0x0000001E
0x005F489C 0x0000000F
0x005F48A0 0x0000001E
0x005F5D70 0x0000000F
0x005F5D74 0x0000001E
0x005F61A0 0x0000000F
0x005F61A4 0x0000001E
0x005F42BC 0x0000000F
0x005F42C0 0x0000001E
0x005FBADC 0x0000000F
0x005FBAE0 0x0000001E
0x005FBEBC 0x0000000F
0x005FBEC0 0x0000001E
0x005F588C 0x0000000F
0x005F5890 0x0000001E
0x005F8B58 0x0000000F
0x005F8B5C 0x0000001E

#Faster RPG and AT4
;Faster switching and runnng
0x005FEDF8 0x00000001
0x005FEAD4 0x00000001

#Auto M16 A2
;M16 A2 is fully automatic
0x005F3720 0x001E04CD

#Rapid M1
;M1 is fully automatic
0x005F7810 0x05580558
0x005F7814 0xFF4409C8
0x005F7818 0x0000001E

#Rapid M40A1
0x005F7CCC 0x05580558
0x005F7CD0 0xFF4409C8
0x005F7CD4 0x0000001E

#no recoil(1.60)
;ported by jwil
;Weapon's won't have any recoil when shot.
0x0027D968 0x03E00008

#Lock on AT4 and RPG
;Lock on with your AT4 or RPG
0x005FEAD4 0x00000001
0x005FEDF8 0x00000001

#Throw AT4/RPG
;Throw your AT4/RPG ammo
0x005FEAFC 0x00000001
0x005FEE20 0x00000001

#Secondary Upgrades
;Your secondaries have a better advantage
0x005F963C 0x08DF817C
0x005F96E8 0x0000000A
0x005F9A44 0x08DF817C
0x005F9AF0 0x0000000A
0x005F9E50 0x08DF817C
0x005F9EFC 0x0000000A
0x005FA25C 0x08DF817C
0x005FA308 0x0000000A
0x005FA668 0x08DF817C
0x005FA714 0x0000000A
0x005FAA74 0x08DF817C
0x005FAAFC 0x0000000A
0x005FC1E4 0x08DF817C
0x005FC26C 0x0000000A
0x005FC5C0 0x08DF817C
0x005FC648 0x0000000A
0x005FAE58 0x08DF817C
0x005FAF04 0x0000000A
0x005F8028 0x42800000
0x005F802C 0x42400000
0x005F8030 0x48A00000
0x005F8034 0x3F900000
0x005F8038 0x3F900000
0x005F803C 0x3FECCCCD
0x005F818C 0x00320005
0x005F8190 0x03AF002F
0x005F8194 0x00000045
0x005F81A4 0x6FFF0000
0x005F81A8 0x6FFF0000
0x005F81AC 0x6FFF0000
0x005F81B0 0x6FFF0000

#Repeating Crossbow scope
0x005FC648 0x00000009

#crawl in water(No35?)
0x00364DA8 0x5380042C

#Plant C4 Anywhere
;Press tri to plant c4
0x005FDE98 0x00000001

#Play Dead
;You can still play when you die
0x0026D280 0x03E00008

#Play Dead Off
;Disables the play dead code
0x0026D280 0x27BDFF90
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[Member]Airman First Class
[Member]Airman First Class

Posts : 2
Join date : 2009-05-23

PostSubject: Re: My CoDeS   Sat May 23, 2009 11:29 pm

#!!-----Map codes-----

#See Through Walls
0x00518768 0x00000000
0x0051876C 0x00000000

#No Fog
;The fog from zooming in and out is gone
;Set Cheat Hz to 15/1000
0x004C00C0 0xBF800000

#Tint Map
;Map has a little higher contrast
0x00518768 0x00000000
0x0051876C 0xFFFFFFFF

#Dark world
;Map is dark
0x00518768 0xFF000000
0x0051876C 0xFF000000

#Map Mods Off
;Turn the map mods off
0x00518768 0x00000001

#!!-----Lobby codes-----

#Force Room
;When enabled the game starts
;You must be host
0x00000110 0x00000002

#!!-----Anti codes-----

;Hz 15
0x004F2C28 0x00000000
0x004F2C2C 0x00000000
0x004F2C30 0x00000000
0x004F2C34 0x00000000

#Anti Error 12
;Cheat Hz 31
;Prevents error 12
0x005044DC 0x00000003

;Cheat Hz 15/1000
;Prevents ban
0x004FC42C 0x00000001
0x004FC430 0x00000001
0x004FC504 0x00000001
0x004FC4E8 0x00000000
0x004FF538 0x00000000
0x004FF540 0x00000006
0x004FF518 0x00000001
0x004FF544 0x00000200

#Anti-Universe ID
;remove error 35
;true anti-ban
;Cheat Hz 15
0x00492478 0x00000000
0x0048B0DC 0x00000000
0x0048B11C 0x00000000

#!!-----Miscellaneous codes-----

#!Extended Game Name (90)
;Game name can be longer
0x00AA1838 0x39285241
0x00AA183C 0x4D202930
0x00AA1848 0x20293039

#Extended Text (63)
;You can type more characters
0x00A5160C 0x33362852
0x00A51618 0x36285345
0x00A5161C 0x54202933

#Extended Clan Name (30)
;Clan name can be longer
0x00A7C1A0 0x29303328

#Extended Clan Tag (15)
;Your clan tag can be 15 characters
0x00A7C210 0x54293531
0x00A8B958 0x35312852
0x00A8B95C 0x54495429

#Ultimate Muter
;Mutes everything except voice chat and music
0x004C2F3C 0x00000001

#Cut Grass on Siege
;See through the grass
0x00518768 0xFFFFFFFF

#!!-----Offline codes-----

#Inf CE
;Infinite CE
0x00517C3C 0x000F423F

#Unresponsive Villagers/Mercs
;No response from them
0x001FA180 0x03E00008

#Secret Window Small
;Kind of a zoom window
0x000EB2E0 0x3C063F00

#Secret Window Big
;Kind of a zoom window
0x000EB2E0 0x3C063E40

#Secret Window Upside Down
;Kind of a zoom window
0x000EB2E0 0x3C064080

#No Mine Restrictions
;Unlimited mine placement
0x005014AC 0x00000000

#FreeForAll Campaign
;Free for all campaign
0x00304254 0x03E01056

#!!------rank codes---

;Use in game only
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004B53C0
0x0000079C 0x7FFF0000

;Use in game only
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004B53C0
0x0000074C 0xFFFF0000

;Use in game only
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004B53C0
0x00000754 0x7FFF0000

#Win Code 1.6
0x0004FF74 0x24068000

#E22 Rank Down
0x0004FF88 0x24067FFF
0x0004FF9C 0x24067FFF
0x0004FF74 0x3C067FFF
0x0004FF54 0x3C067FFF
0x0004FFC4 0x24067FFF
0x0004FFF8 0x24067FFF
0x0005000C 0x3EE67FFF

#E22 Rank Up
0x0004FF54 0x3EE68000
0x0004FF88 0x24068000
0x0004FF9C 0x24068000
0x0004FFF8 0x3C068000
0x0004FFC4 0x3C068000
0x001F0410 0x3EE68000
0x0004FF74 0x3EE68000

#E13 rank up code
0x0004FC2C 0x24067FFF
0x0004FC40 0x24060000
0x0004FC18 0x3C068FFF
0x0004FBF8 0x3C068FFF

#E22 rank up^^
0x0004FF54 0x3EE68000
0x0004FFF8 0x24067FFF
0x0004FF88 0x24068000
0x0004FF94 0x24068000
0x0004FFF8 0x3C068000
0x0004FFC4 0x3C068000
0x0004FC18 0x3C068FFF
0x0004FBF8 0x3C068FFF
0x0004FF08 0x3EE68000
0x0004FF74 0x3EE68000

#E15 Rank Up
;Get high on the leader boards
0x00008A84 0x3EE68000
0x00010D90 0x3EE68000
0x0004FF74 0x3EE68000
0x0004FF88 0x24068000
0x0004FF9C 0x24068000
0x0004FFC4 0x3C068000
0x0004FFF8 0x3C068000

#E15 Suck
;Get low on the leader boards
0x00008A84 0x3EE68000
0x00010D90 0x3C068000
0x0004FF74 0x3C068000
0x0004FF88 0x24067FFF
0x0004FF9C 0x24067FFF
0x0004FFC4 0x240687FF

#E10 rank up code
;Get high on the leader boards
0x0004FF88 0x24067FFF
0x0004FF9C 0x24060000
0x0004FF74 0x3C068000
0x00010D90 0x3C068000
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My CoDeS
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